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A great time was had by all at the PTO Dance, Book Fair, and Math Night!

¡Tuvimos un maravilloso tiempo en el Baile del PTO, la Feria del Libro y Noche de Matemáticas!

Students participated in a karate lesson to learn about following directions and respect during a PBIS assembly.

Durante la asamblea estudiantil de PBIS, los estudiantes  participaron en una lección de karate, ésta los ayudará a aprender acerca de seguir instrucciones y a respetar.

Pat Toomey and Cindy Bullis are in their "Happy Retirement walkers".

Pat Toomey y Cindy Bullis “Caminadoras felices rumbo a la jubilación”.

Students took turns taping Mr. Melfi up on the wall after earning pieces of tape for reading during the Thanksgiving Break.

The Chicago Bears mascot, Staley da Bear, visited Meadowdale to teach us all about the importance of respect, how to deal with and prevent bullying.



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